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World of Tanks tank based shooting game review

World of tanks is a tank based shooting game that was created and developed by, a gaming studio in Russia. The game is basically a war game that depicts the world war two even in its layouts and designs. It comprises of tanks and armor of different nations such as the soviet union, the united states of America, the French, the German and the of tanks
World of tanks is played in various rounds where two groups of thirty players each take on each other on a battlefield until one side is completely wiped out or have their army base captured. A player is expected to work with his team to destroy the opponents and take over their base in order to win.

World of Tanks

Playing the world of tanks is simple. First one has to sign up using their email account and then they are assigned a standard tanker and a four man team to begin the game with. The game has no tutorial or trial stages so one gets straight into it by clicking the red button on the main menu page to start. A team consists of a commander, a radio operator, a driver and a loader who loads ammunition, a player starts with a full crew, but he must hire other members to fill the other additional tanks after some progress. At the beginning, the tanks move at a slow speed and one can easily lose but as the game progresses, one gains more experience, better machinery and the crew can handle their roles better. Improvements can also be made on the tankers. The main aim of the game is to work together with your team to bring down the opponents side by destroying all their tanks and taking over their base.
There are five types of vehicles ie. light, medium, heavy, tank destroyers and the SPGs, each vehicle has multiple parts like the chassis, engine, the turrent and the gun ports. Each vehicle has two to six versions and the player has the role to play, gather experience, and credits which are used to improve his tankers and fighting force. While playing, a player is guided by a map and he should work with his team, use the terrains and secretly ambush the opponents in order to wipe them out or capture their base. After the other team is completely down one is awarded according to his performance and statistics which enables him to gain more credits that can be redeemed to obtain more team members, improve and update the tankers and also buy more parts and ammunition for the tanks.


The world of tanks is pretty interesting and improves with more experience and more powerful machinery. The main turn down is that one can easily get killed when beginning and it is hard to aim since one does not clearly see where the shots land. When you are killed, you are also forced to wait until the game ends and one team wins in order to try again, but the game is very simple and fun to play with minimum effort, a lot of style and classic customization. The world of tanks boasts of great graphics and easy controls. It is also free to play and can be downloaded from the internet with some premium in app purchases at some level of the game. If you are enthusiastic about the battle field pressure, It just might be the perfect game for you.