Five Ways to Ensure a Successful Date

A recent study may have discovered the five strongest components of a successful date. The yearlong, privately-funded study asked over 200 singles that age old question: “What makes a successful date?”

How to have a great date

“For the study, we asked 200 people the same question,” said Howard Sampson, company spokesperson. “Although they all have their specific quirks, people, for the most part, have common likes and dislikes when it comes to dating and, as far as we can tell, a successful date has a lot less to do with looks than we expected. In fact, physical features were rarely considered in the answers.”

1.) Be yourself. People who fake their way through dates are very rarely successful. Singles reported dates that made outlandish claims, made up stories or pretended to be rich. This, for both men and women, was a turnoff. 

2.) Aim for dates with similar people. This allows people to feel at ease and comfortable. The report recommends community-based websites that allow them to pre-select and screen potential dates rather than getting “set up” by a friend or struggling to find someone in the uncontrolled setting of a nightclub.

3.) Talk less, listen more. The study found that people who asked questions and listened intently to responses were much more successful than those who took a more selfish approach to the conversation and talked the whole time. 

4.) Flirt. The somewhat secret craft of flirting is very difficult to muster. It involves the delicate combination of romance and slightly sexual, but subtle advances that show interest while keeping a certain distance. Though not everyone can master flirting, the report recommends people should at least compliment their dates.

5.) Dress appropriately. Results showed that people who overdressed often faired as poorly as those who underdressed. Since most first dates should be relatively casual, studies show dates are much more successful for those who find that middle line sometimes referred to as “casually dressy.” The way people dress relays attitude and personality.